Strona główna Bibliografia
Poems in English
Translated by Teresa Belowa


Philosophy of signs and symbols
has a meaning on1y for those
who profess it.
Others cannot find
consolation in it.
Clear thinking
will pierce the darkness of ignorance,
but not a thicket of human passions.
Passions will not be brightened up
even by laser beams.

      11 July 1999


Only beauty
can obscure
and even eclipse
freedom and bondage
meanness and money
all the bounties
and miseries of the earth

It is a pity that so seldom
do we notice beauty
so few of us see it
and still fewer accept it
turning it into banality

      15 July 1999

Published originally as: [Filozofia znaków i symboli] ; [Tylko piękno] [wiersze ]. -Tekst również w jęz. ang. ; tł. z pol. Teresa Belowa. - Poezja Dzisiaj. - Nr 29/30. - (2003) s. 134-135